Our Services

Pressure Testing Services


  • BMV
  • Casing
  • Frac Stacks
  • Wireline lubricator & equalization
  • bond logs/tractor logs
  • flowback, flowlines, sales lines
  • Poly Line
  • Activate downhole tools-smart starts
  • Pump tubing volume for slickline operations
  • All of our pressure testing equipment is certified to meet or exceed the maximum working  pressure.
  • We use chart recorders, digital chart recorders, and digital gauges that have been certified within 6 months.
  • Full Circle can provide chemical injection on a well that has pressure by matching well pressure then pumping down fluid.
  • Our pump units can haul 1,200 gallons of liquid
  • Our units can pressure up to 15,000psi and capable of pumping at a rate of 1bbl/min.

Plumbing Services


  • Plumb Surface and Intermediate Casing
  • Wellhead Grating
  • We custom cut and fit fiberglass and steel grating

Flange Torquing


  • Our hydraulic torquing unit is set up to torque BOPs and valves for completion.
  • FCOFS has torque specifications for each bolt size and flange.  By adjusting hydraulic pressure we can achieve the desired torque specifications.


Freeze Protection

FCOFS can provide freeze protection throughout the winter months.


  • Methanol is used as an antifreeze and deicer in well heads.  Methanol use allows wells to flow freely even into freezing temperatures, and prevents damage to well heads that are not currently in production.
  • To protect well heads and production and completion iron from the costly and damaging effects of freezing temperatures, we use methanol.
  • Methanol can also be used to melt any ice buildup that already exists.


  • Our trucks are capable of hauling 1200 gallons of methanol or glycol to any location.


  • Propylene Glycol is another option for freeze protection.
  • Glycol is a non-flammable and environmentally safe liquid.
  • Glycol is just as effective as methanol, but it will not melt ice.


HotShot Services

  • We provide 24 hour Hotshot services to meet your shipping needs and pride ourselves in great customer satisfaction.
  • Full Circle employs quality drivers who have undergone a background check.
  • All our drivers have a class A CDL and current medical certificate.
  • We maintain up to date Driver Qualification files.
  • FCOFS drivers must pass a 14 panel drug screen.
  • We conduct random D&A tests on a regular basis.